Felix-Xia.COM | Kalender 2014 – BCA SyariahFelix-Xia.COM | Kalender 2014 – BCA Syariah
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Kalender 2014 – BCA Syariah

Felix-Xia.COM | Kalender 2014 – BCA Syariah

I used to ask questions like this : what do these people do for a living? I got this question answered, partially. I won a project from BCA Syariah, they liked my idea for their 2014 table top calendar. The idea was to have each page with photograph of their target market, small business owners who “borrowed” some amount of money from the bank. They are supposed to be shown doing what they do on daily basis. Very interesting. One of them gave me a big bag of kerupuk / white cracker.  Niiiiice.

The crew from BCA Syariah at Jatinegara ( their headquarter )  helped me a lot. I cannot mention their names here, but I did not do this project on my own.

By the way, the color profile for these pics is CMYK for printing. The color looks a bit funny on my screen. The red is unnatural. I am using pro photo color profile as my default photoshop setting.

I used Photoshop and Rhinoceros 3D for this. And a bit help from Adobe Illustrator.