Felix-Xia.COM | 09 – Autumn ForestFelix-Xia.COM | 09 – Autumn Forest
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09 – Autumn Forest

Felix-Xia.COM | 09 – Autumn Forest

I wanted to create an autumn scene as an excuse to have a hero tree without green leaves.  Everything i know about creating natural landscape in modo should be used for this project; so the following is a short explanation about how i composed the scene.

This scene has 5 main render passes. The top most is the volumetric god ray pass. Directly underneath is second render pass, the foreground with the hero maple tree + the grass field with fallen leaves scattered on top. The third pass is the background / distant maple tree forest. The fourth pass is the mountain. The last one is the cloud and sky pass.

The god ray pass is actually done after everything in the second render pass is finished. I put every physical object’s material above the base material in modo’s shader tree engine.  I created a special shader and made everything black, and they receive no shadow.  The volumetric light source is a directional light, positioned in the upper left corner of the screen just above the left maple tree. My first attempt produced noisy render, so i had to double the ray from the default 64 to 128. Still a bit noisy, but a gaussian blur treatment in photoshop + bloom effect during compositing stage took care of it.

The foreground pass has a small patch of grass field with a couple big maple tree i created in speed tree. They are both the same exact tree, obviously.  I scattered some fallen leaves on the grass field ( which was made with modo’s fur ). Special thanks to Eran Dinur’s student who provided a sample fern plant in fxphd’s tutorial PNT205 “3D Plants and Digital Environments”. I modified this to look more like a ground palm tree.

The background forest has two trees from xfrog’s tree library, scattered randomly in a big, wide trapesium shaped field.

The mountain range has a single patch of mount object, copied a number of times, positioned and rotated in such a way so that they look like a very wide distant mountain. I didn’t really pay attention to its texture, since modo’s fog effect would blur the mountain heavily to simulate the distance from camera.

The sky cloud pass is made in vue with only 2 cloud layers and heavy fog effect applied to simulate morning sky.

If you want to see the more detailed process, you should browse the thumbnail pic one by one.