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07-Twilight Protoss

Felix-Xia.COM | 07-Twilight Protoss

By 2013, I have learned how to do hard surface modeling, and organic sculpting. I know replicator and surface generator,  i know how to UV everything, I have learned advanced rendering and compositing technique. And i got Speed Tree! Before Speed Tree, i learned Xfrog first, but didn’t like the software. Clunky interface, and it has not been updated since version 3.5 ( they havent updated the software for more than 5 years i believe ).

CMIVFX and FXPhd actually released tutorials about Speed Tree too. What a perfect timing. Plus the release of the Zerg expansion game for Starcraft 2…

I started this project in January 1st 2013, paused the progress in Jan 9th. Continued in August 2013, finished on September 14th 2013.

Here, I imagine a young protoss warrior called Fenix ( see his story in both original Star Craft game and its expansion, the Broodwar ), during his training regime. It took place in Aiur, during twilight. The cloth and armor he is wearing were brand new, and there were no wound scar on him. Aiur was a beautiful planet before ravaged by the Zerg.

As usual, the Protoss is modeled using combination of Modo and Zbrush, as well as the terrain and the rocks. The plants and trees are created using Speed Tree, while the sky background is rendered in Vue. Photoshop is used for texturing ( combined with  Zbrush’s polypainting feature ) and compositing.

( This is the same Fenix that inspired me to give his name for my son’s. )