Felix-Xia.COM | 04 – Panzer Dragoon – Modo Remake !Felix-Xia.COM | 04 – Panzer Dragoon – Modo Remake !
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04 – Panzer Dragoon – Modo Remake !

Felix-Xia.COM | 04 – Panzer Dragoon – Modo Remake !

Panzer Dragoon was the first game I bought for my old Sega Saturn in 1996. I loved the music, I loved the graphics… everything about the game was ultra cool. So, I want to make my own version of it.

This project was about 6 months in the making. By mid 2010, I decided to create 3D artwork that is rendered in Full HD resolution for my port folio. I want each artwork to depict a story. Arbain Rambey, a senior journalistic photographer who taught me about journalism explained that a picture has to contain a lot of information. What happened, or what is happening. What is the result of the event, what is the environment condition during that event, how people react to it, etc. So I wanted to apply all that in here.

In this artwork, I depicted the dragon and the rider, trying to evade a boss monster attack. A friend of mine asked me why the rider is not trying to shoot the enemy behind her… well, this was from a videogame, and in the videogame you have to shoot enemies that come from every direction! Who knows, the rider also has to guide the dragon while paying attention to what is ahead of her, while being chased by a big monster?

Fenix, my son, who was 9 at that time, was the one who suggested me to create a boss monster. It was a cross between a triceratop and the mutalisk of zerg / starcraft game.

I was limited by my macbook pro’s RAM for texture map size. I can only use 4K, and my texturing skill was not honed. I actually dislike how the wall of the ravine turned out.

The Final Render itself was eventually finished in time for 2010 Christmas. I am not christian by the way, but it was one of the best Christmas in my life.