Felix-Xia.COM | 03 – Red Roses – My First Zbrush SculptFelix-Xia.COM | 03 – Red Roses – My First Zbrush Sculpt
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03 – Red Roses – My First Zbrush Sculpt

Felix-Xia.COM | 03 – Red Roses – My First Zbrush Sculpt

I have always wanted to learn Zbrush.

In January 15th 2010, I started this project. I wanted to learn how to create organic models! Back in 2002-2003, I heavily infested my effort to learn NURBS modeling using Rhinoceros 3D to create industrial, hard surface models for production. This time, I wanted to create “soft surface objects”.

Zbrush was like , an alien software. Made by aliens, for aliens. I used a Wacom INTUOS2 that i purchased in 2005 for my graphics designer employee to sculpt, and i am still using it today ( 2013 ).

The red rose base mesh was created in Modo, brought to Zbrush for further sculpting. The vase was done the same way. But at this point, I have not acquired the skill necessary to export textures or maps from Zbrush out to Modo / Photoshop. So I had to export the high res geometry as OBJ file into Modo, and applied a stone texture for the vase. I used a photoshop plugin called Alienskin to procedurally create the background brick wall.

For the leaves : I modeled the base mesh in Modo. Googled actual rose plant leaf, applied it as is ( well, my skill was very limited at that time, so i had to improvise ), tweaked the material setting, and done. Maybe someday I will try to recreate this artwork for my wife. Hehehe.

I used 3 point lighting setup for this scene, with the third light lit the background wall.