Felix-Xia.COM | 02 – Green Hill – Modo Replicator TestFelix-Xia.COM | 02 – Green Hill – Modo Replicator Test
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02 – Green Hill – Modo Replicator Test

Felix-Xia.COM | 02 – Green Hill – Modo Replicator Test

I have been dissapointed with so many software in the past, from 3D studio, Maya, and Vue. Mostly because there were not enough tutorials to help me learn how to use the software, but in the case of Vue… I actually bought Vue 6 Infinite, and it crashed a LOT. So, when Modo 401 had replicator feature that can help me put countless objects into the scene, I immediately tested it.

To build the scene, I created a plane of polygons and sculpted it so that it looks like a small hill. I replicated the grass + yellow flowers on it. The tree was taken from Modo 401′s preset, but the leaves ( mapple leaves )… I made them myself, replicated on the trees using vertex map. The background picture was a low resolution sunset pic i took from Google… Well, after this project, I did a research about software which I can use to generate sky / cloud. I tested Lumion and Vue…

Well, Lumion was fast and good enough if you want your render looks cartoony. Vue was better in regards of photorealism, but it would take much longer for your system to render the image. The technicality of using the software might get you too if you didn’t have time to learn how to use it properly.

My goal is to create a 3D computer graphics image without sorting to photograph, and to be able to control every pixel myself. Well I dont really manage to do it, since even the best visual effect people in Hollywood are still using photographs to help them do their magic until this day.